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  • A Line in the Sand

    - Wed, 27 Aug 2014

    HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris speaks out against ideologies in the homeschooling community that have resulted in harm to families.

  • Your Phone Calls Did It! Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Ending Common Core!

    - Tue, 10 Jun 2014

    Concerned parents responding to HSLDA’s national email alert helped persuade Oklahoma’s governor to reject the Common Core standards in her state.

  • HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations

    - Thu, 30 Mar 3015

    A New Jersey family will not have to surrender their children to educational evaluations conducted by the public schools, thanks to the timely intervention of HSLDA.

  • “You are Being Reported for Determination of Truancy”

    - Tue, 13 Oct 2015

    HSLDA helped a family when they were threatened with truancy charges, apparently because of a peculiar aspect of Kansas homeschool law—which doesn’t actually use the word homeschooling.

  • Near-Perfect Score Thrills Parents, Embarrasses District

    - Fri, 9 Oct 2015

    When public school officials used a flimsy excuse to reject a student’s test scores, the parents hired a professor to re-test her. The results were embarrassing—in a good way.

  • Retired Marine Greeted with Demands, Disdain

    - Wed, 7 Oct 2015

    A career Marine officer who returned to West Virginia to homeschool his family was shocked by the reception he received. Local public school officials not only made unlawful demands of him, but also questioned his integrity in front of his children.

  • End of a Case, but HSLDA’s Mission Continues

    - Mon, 5 Oct 2015

    The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of a family whose Fourth Amendments rights were violated a decade ago when social workers threatened to take their children.

  • School District Wrongly Denies Archery Participation

    - Mon, 5 Oct 2015

    HSLDA helped a member family whose son had been denied participation in a public school archery program.

  • More Regulation Not Needed

    - Mon, 5 Oct 2015

    When a prominent daily newspaper recommended stricter regulation of homeschooling, HSLDA’s attorney for South Dakota replied. His letter showed that the proposed restrictions would be unfair and ineffective.

  • Federal Student Tracking Defeated

    - Mon, 5 Oct 2015

    The federal government recently tried to track the students of every military family to learn whether they are private-schooled, public-schooled, or homeschooled. HSLDA formed a coalition to thwart this plan.

  • Issues Keep Changing, but HSLD’s Defense Stays Solid

    - Mon, 5 Oct 2015

    HSLDA recently protected a homeschooled student’s child support when the state tried to cut it off prematurely.

  • School Officials Demand to Review Curriculum Content

    - Tue, 29 Sep 2015

    More than a dozen homeschooling families involved in a local Classical Conversations group received unsettling letters from local school officials. The letters asked each parent to provide additional documentation so the content of their history and geography curriculum could be verified. Only those families using the same Foundations curriculum received these letters.

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